As we head into fall check your caulking and weather stripping

posted by Gary Sullivan -

As we head into fall I would recommend you check the caulking and weather stripping around your home. The caulking between the windows and the substrate of your home needs to be sealed with caulking .  If you have vinyl or wood windows that abut vinyl, brick, stone or wood it is important that water can’t enter through this seam. As the house settles and the caulking ages there will be separation between these two surfaces. As the caulking separates and a gap appears this will allow the entry of water and insects. To repair this problem all of the old caulking will need to be removed. This can be accomplishes by using a chisel, knife or grinder.  Once the old caulking is removed and the surfaces are cleaned you will need to purchase a flexible type caulking to allow for movement of the house.  I recommend a paintable silicone or a good grade of urethane caulking.  These caulks offer good adhesion and wonderful flexibility.



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