Listened to your program this morning and your guest speaker from Pro-Lumber. While he was partially correct, he did not seem to know the real story behind your listener’s rotting treated lumber. O/A 2007 certain treated lumber suppliers (such as Yella-wood/Great Southern wood preserving) started using a quartenary compound- in part to address the EPA issues with the arsenic compounds they were previously using. One problem I was told is that this compound did not soak well into lumber (particularly slightly green lumber) as it should have. Hence, multitudes of consumers who bought lumber from Home Depot and other suppliers in the 2007 time frame have treated wood decking that is rotting for no fault of their own. This problem did not apply to lumber sold at Lowes (i.e., the darker/green treated wood). I have roughly 40 yards of decking going down to my boat dock and it is all rotting. I did everything right in building this deck--- even using 2 by 6s instead of 1.25 by 6s, and staining it after it had dried. Fortunately Great Southern has replaced this lumber. Unfortunately, their warranty does not cover labor or fasteners—so I have a long summer job ahead of me. The claims guy told me that it was almost a full time job for him inspecting claims for rotting treated wood caused by Yella-wood (formerly Osmose) using this compound for a couple of years. For those consumers who purchased this lumber, but did not save the tags, if they have a receipt from the store where the lumber was purchased (even a credit card receipt) they would probably be covered as these stores know exactly when they were selling this improperly treated lumber- or can find out by talking to the treated wood representative. I talked to the claims person who came out to see my deck and he immediately knew that the lumber was part of the problem wood they sold.


Dothan, Alabama